Helping people with pedophilic feelings

This was the title and the subject of my lecture at 

the World Congress of Sexology, Paris, June 2001,
the Congress of the Nordic Association of Sexology,
Visby, Sweden, September 2001

By Dr Frans E. J. Gieles, The Netherlands

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Abstract of the lecture
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The lecture: 
Helping people with pedophilic feelings 
Assistance aux personnes en prise avec des attirances pédophiliques
Ayudando a personas con sentimientos pedofílicos
Hilfe für Menschen mit pädophilen Empfindungen 
Hoe help je mensen met pedofiele gevoelens?
Pomoc lidem s pedofilním cítĚním 
Schema (Deutsch)
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Schéma - Druhy pomoci 
Background article
Ergänzungen und Informationen zu dem Vortrag
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The Rind et al. Research 
Three personal Essays 
Drie persoonlijke essays 
Other articles 
There must be a scapegoat; Pitfalls, traps and mistakes in forensic personality investigation; Dr Frans E.J. Gieles, forensic orthopedagoge, 2006 
Short version
presented in Prague in June 2006 at the Congress of the European Federation of Sexologists. 
Barbertje moet hangen; Valkuilen, valstrikken en fouten in het forensische persoonlijkheidsonderzoek, Door Dr Frans E.J. Gieles, forensisch orthopedagoog, 2006 
Korte versie, in: De Nieuwe Sekstant, NVSH, juni en december 2006 
Gieles, F.E.J., 'But sir, you are an offender!' - - Narrative coercion as method of behavior modification 
Short version
presented in Prague in June 2006 at the Congress of the European Federation of Sexologists. 
'Maar meneer, u bent een dader!' - Narratieve dwang als vorm van gedragsaanpassing; Dr Frans E. J. Gieles, 2006
Experiences with treatment 
In this section people will tell about their experiences with treatment. 
Here, they tell there own narrative. In treatment centers, however, it is usually not allowed to tell one's own and real narrative: one has to tell a politically more correct version of it. Thus, we begin with an article. Then, we give the narratives of people about their experiences with treatment. 
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