Three personal essays

Gieles, Frans E. J.

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Narcissism, A standard diagnosis investigated (2002)
'Narcissism' is a standard diagnosis for people with pedophilic emotions. 
Regularly the newspapers tell us this.
However: who, reader, judge, the people concerned, knows what exactly this means?
Reasons enough to investigate this question.
This is not an academic lecture about narcissism, but a personal essay. 

Oedipal Rumble (2002)
Many a book about developmental psychology discusses the 'Oedipus complex'.
The story became another one when I read in a diagnostic report about myself that an Oedipus complex should exist in my own soul - even a 'negative Oedipus complex'.
For a while, I was perplexed.
I have changed that statement into a question and I started to investigate it.

What has got into those people? 

My soul houses many feelings, among which also pedophilic ones:
children attract me and now and then also an erotic feeling creeps up.
What is their source?
Why is this a problem nowadays?
How might one live with them?
How might society live with this fact?