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How to torture a teenager with the law

Posted by *Remo* on 2004-December-10 on a forum

I had an opportunity two years in a row, last time about two years ago, to speak at a juvenile SOT facility as part of the outpatient SOT (Sex Offender Treatment) program I was required to attend on probation for felony CP [Child porn] possession.

It was intensely moving. I spent part of my adolescence in a group home, which is to say prison for children, and I related to the boys there very deeply. They were all serving multi-year sentences.

They ranged in age from 9 to 17 with most being around 12-13. Three adult sex offenders gave the presentation, which was talking about our lives. One of the other guys was a close friend of mine and we shared a lot of common history.

We walked into the room with the lights down, and walked through the boys up to the table they had set up. We talked for about four hours - each of us had half an hour, and then the boys went around and asked us questions, told us about their lives. My friend and I both cried at that table, both times.

Because he and I knew we were pedophiles when we were those boy's ages, and could see their lives ahead of them.

I got letters from them through the SOT for quite a while after wards.

It blows my mind to see a nine year old in prison. I have seen this several times in my life, I spent a good deal of time in third world countries in my early 20's.

They used the same restraint system I got when I was a kid (four pointed to a bed with leather straps). They still do that shit, happened while we were there.

Fuck those god damned people. I will call them out by name:

Resolute. What you are doing is wrong. You cannot change what is not choice.

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