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At: 'But sir, you are an offender!'





(1) Interpretation

As an offender.  
As strange and different, as distorted and dangerous, as a manipulator. 
As a behaving being. 
Al a person with an inner, a personal biography, able to act,  as a whole and as an individual.  Too reductionistic. Two visions on the human, one for the clients, another for the therapists. 

(2) Aims

Prevention of recidivism, thus changing the delict behavior; becoming responsible.  No data. 
Supposedly: only to survive. 
Too limited, too much concentrated on behavior, not therapeutic. 

(3) Ways of acting

Narrative coercion and other  forms of coercion and control. 
Conditions beforehand, keeping distance, a group, a delict scenario, an offense chain, sexual script, avoiding the funnel, lots of orders, normalizing fantasies; sometimes medicines.  
Clients feel to be treated as toddlers and complain about endless repetition. 


Too much coercion, too much concentrated on outward behavior; no attention for the inner or psyche and the underlying problems. 

(4) Outcome

Recidivism? This is low. 
Behavior changed? 
Questionnaires, after-care group. 
Stimuli? Triggers or desinhibitors? Contacts? 
Clients learn to pretend. 
'No stroke changed' 
Obsessions and depressions still alive.  
Not aimed: the outcome is far from therapeutic. 


(5) Feeling afterwards

No data. 
Impression: difficult!' 'but also pride on the own expertise. 
Negative feelings of the clients: this is part of the method, thus good.
Extremely negative. Too awful for words.  Depressed, humiliated, traumatized,    deprived of self-confidence.  
This is a cruel method. 
Take the feelings afterward of the clients more for serious. 

(6) Insights

One keeps staying within the chosen model and beliefs in it.  I pretend to agree with them: the only way to be released.  This does not work, at least not therapeutically. 

(7) Way to improve

No development, no self-critic. 
Ivory tower. 
Let them listen to us and  respect us.  Have a critical view on the model and the vision behind it. Start development of methodology. 

In summary

A very one-sided model full of use of narrative and other coercion, that impresses as an ideology, an in itself closed system.  

A disaster!
I am not, no stroke, changed.

Become self-critical; review the model.

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